Wallows Premieres Two Tracks in Celebration of The Bail Project

This past weekend, Wallows took to Instagram to promote The Bail Project, raise donations to further fund the organization and perform for the first time in months, which included two new singles!

The Bail Project is a two-year-old organization, based upon the motto “Freedom should be free.” The organization is now gaining traction, due to George Floyd‘s murder at the hands of police brutality and the exponential growth of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Asia — a bail disruptor from Detroit, MI — spent a few minutes educating Wallows and viewers on what “bail” actually entails and the mission behind The Bail Project. Together, Dylan Minnette, Cole Preston and Braeden Lemasters asked Asia questions and reinforced how vital The Bail Project’s role in America is in light of recent protests and injustices. Although Wallows is a band of white men, they made sure to fully acknowledge their privilege and the influence their voices have on fans, which is why they felt strongly in partnering with The Bail Project for this fundraiser.

While donations flooded in, Wallows played their latest hit, “OK.” When it became apparent that they had a decent-sized audience, all with generous donations to give, Wallows decided that they would perform a new single once donations hit $7,500. They continued on with “Sidelines,” “Drunk on Halloween” and “Scrawny,” and while playing their debut hit, “Pleaser,” the donations surpassed $7,500. As promised, they followed up “Pleaser” with a debut performance of “Nobody Gets Me Like You.”

From the get-go, “Nobody Gets Me Like You” presents itself as a classic 2000s rock hit. It tells the story of two people meeting each other and hitting it off immediately. The tune has a lazy, happy-go-lucky feel, complemented by the optimistic three-part guitar line. Braeden earnestly sings, “You’re pulling me closer to you // Because nobody gets me like you” over and over; although we can only imagine the full instrumentation, it seems like the perfect love-struck song to put on repeat for the muggy summer weather.

But that wasn’t the last surprise for fans tuning in — at the $10,000 donation mark, Wallows also gave us the premiere of an untitled track through an audio recording on Cole’s laptop. This track sounded less like the band’s previous music and more like the grunge rock of their friends Joy Again. While far less grunge than Joy Again, this track has the same tinny, metallic messiness of songs like “I’m Your Dog.” Not to mention it also included some Wallows staples, like a strong synth line, syncopated beats, vulnerable lyrics and an auto-tuned bridge, reminiscent of “OK.” They also took the time to explore some quirky elements, like the cash register sound effect.

By the end of the live stream, Wallows managed to raise over $10,600 for The Bail Project, with over 900 donations. Wallows never fails to be completely open and honest with their work, from their support of humanitarian work like The Bail Project to sharing new songs straight from their computer. The trio can always be counted on to keep things real, and this live stream was certainly no exception. Check out the entire stream here:

Featured Image: Instagram (@wallowsmusic)