Saweetie Is Ready to “Tap In” Your Brain With Her Infectious Raps

Bay Area’s own Saweetie released her highly anticipated song “Tap In” last Wednesday, June 17. Her new song is bound to get you on your toes and dancing along with it.

She announced her new single on Instagram, along with a snippet to get her fans ready for the new song two days before it was released to drop. Her fans were surprised by her new release, since it was her latest comeback since “My Type,” which blew up the charts. On June 17, her song got released and it was quite a surprise! She rapped about woman empowerment and how she has always been loyal to herself.

Soon after her song release, she teased her fans with a new music video to go along with “Tap In.” She posted on her Insta once again, asking if she should release her music video, and you know that her fans were ready for it. Her music video revolved around a basketball court, bringing the song’s name “Tap In” to its true meaning. Saweetie even stated that the music video is “a bomb” and that her glam is “just cute.” Go ahead and watch the music video and tell us how you feel about it!

Shortly after, she posted her music video and it gained thousands of comments of fans expressing their opinions about her song. Many were supportive of Saweetie’s new musical approach and proud to stand by her and her new style of rapping. However, many were also disappointed with her new song and believed that she could do better, expressing how they wanted the “old” Saweetie back.

Regardless of how we or others may perceive her new song, we can all agree that “Tap In” is bound to make you feel empowered and have you dancing wherever you go! Let us know what you think about Saweetie’s new song in the comments!

Featured Image: Warner Records