Knuckle Puck Remind Us to “Breathe” on New Single Featuring Derek Sanders

2020 has been quite the rollercoaster, but new music is the thing that’s holding us together. If you love pop-punk and emo, it’s your lucky day because we just got a dream collaboration with Knuckle Puck and Mayday Parade‘s Derek Sanders. The Chicago band teamed up with the Mayday Parade’s frontman to release “Breathe,” the third single ahead of Knuckle Puck’s 20/20 record, set to drop in September. Let’s just say the positive energy of this track is infectious.

Lyrically, “Breathe” is a literal breath of fresh air. While pop-punk songs are often cynical, this song brings positivity and hope. Joe Taylor and Nick Casasanto sing, “Tough times ahead and that’s okay // Exhale but don’t blow out the flame.” Through metaphors, the lyrics remind us to push forward when things aren’t easy.

We also get a heartbreakingly beautiful verse from Derek Sanders. It’s reminiscent of older Mayday Parade in the best way and blends seamlessly in with Knuckle Puck’s parts.

Musically, “Breathe” sees Knuckle Puck returning more to their roots as their last album, Shapeshifter, showed fans a more experimental side of the band. This more classic pop-punk sound will have many fans buzzing. We have energetic guitars and drums that only enhance the vocals of all the singers. Joe and Nick’s vocals play well off of each other, and Derek’s crooning voice only adds another layer to the single that’s sonically pleasing.

So, if it wasn’t obvious, we are absolutely loving “Breathe—” the perfect, uplifting song for these trying times. Plus, nothing is better than two of your favorite artists finally collaborating. Maybe once it’s safe to go to concerts again, we’ll get a Mayday Parade and Knucle Puck joint tour! Either way, the one thing we are looking forward to in 2020 is Knuckle Puck‘s album, 20/20.

You can check out the music video for “Breathe” below if you need more of a pop-punk fix this week.

Featured Image: Rise Records