Victoria Monet Khalid "Experience"

Victoria Monét, Khalid and SG Lewis Are a Trio Like No Other on “Experience”

Who knew that a breakup song could make you want to dance so much? A wonderful trio of talented artists has given us a fun dance song about growing after a breakup, and we’ve been bopping to it since it dropped. Victoria Monét, Khalid and SG Lewis, delivered their new collaboration, “Experience,” on Friday, June 19. In a statement on Twitter, Victoria and Khalid said they hope this song “brings some solace and joy” for listeners and fans through these uncertain and unprecedented times.

British singer, songwriter and producer, SG Lewis released his single, “Chemicals,” at the end of May and is already putting out more wonderful tracks, including “Experience,” which he produced. This single is also the first (and hopefully not the last!) collaboration between the three artists.


The song has an R&B, disco vibe, reaffirming that 2020 is the year of 70s/80s disco nostalgia. Listen, we aren’t complaining.

The chorus leads off with “I’m all out of love, you gave it away // I’m hoping that experience can get you to change.” It’s a super relatable line, and as hard as breakups can be, you want the other person to grow… Well, most of the time.

In his verse, Khalid sings, “Find someone who’s there for you // Love tastes better when it’s true // Love tastes bitter when it’s you,” reminding us of all the wrong people we’ve dated and how we’ve grown after the fact.

Love and breakups can be hard, but this song makes you want to dance your way through the heartbreak. You can listen to “Experience” now on all streaming platforms.

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