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5 Covers Performed by Ariana Grande That Completely Slayed Us

1. “Born This Way/Express Yourself” – Lady Gaga/Madonna

This one is a major throwback. Nine years ago, in February of 2011, Grande uploaded a mini-music video of herself covering two of her favorite songs. In the caption of the video, she wrote: “This is an homage to one of the greatest artists of all time and my idol, Madonna, whom I’ve been listening to my whole life, and another great artist that I admire so much, Lady Gaga. Both of these songs resonate with me musically, lyrically, and inspire me to bring my own sound into it. The messages in both of these songs are incredibly empowering and I wanted to share them with the girls and boys who look up to me. Hope you enjoy.”

We love this cover not only because it’s fantastic, but because it’s pretty rad to see that nine years later, Grande was able to collaborate with one of these idols, Lady Gaga, for their smash hit “Rain on Me,” which soared to number one on the charts in its first week of release.


Sarah DeNunzio

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