You Will “Feel Right” When You Listen to K.Flay’s 7 Best Songs

6. “Blood in the Cut”

If the name K.Flay does not ring a bell to you, her song “Blood in the Cut” probably will. Arguably K.Flay’s most popular song, she described it as “a breakup anthem. I wrote the lyrics and the riff in 20 minutes, and I was actually at home for Christmas, so I was in my parents’ basement doing that. I was in a somewhat dark emotional place. I wrote that, and I immediately felt filled with this vigor that I had previously been missing.”

The song’s filled with aggressive imagery, most prominently in the chorus: “I need noise // I need the buzz of a sub // Need the crack of a whip // Need some blood in the cut.” The singer believes that people should externalize their anger more: “I’ve always thought it strange that people stay quiet in times of distress, we should yell more.”

Moreover, in a track commentary, K.Flay revealed that “the part about crying on the street is true, so please be nice to people you see crying on the street.” Overall, “Blood in the Cut” is a powerful song that will most likely get stuck in your head for weeks.

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