You Will “Feel Right” When You Listen to K.Flay’s 7 Best Songs

5. “Champagne”

K.Flay’s father passed away when she was a teen. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, the singer stated that her dad “was a serious alcoholic and ultimately that’s why he died. When you’re a child of someone who struggled with things like that, you look for the common thread. Is there a pattern? Is there an inheritance of pathology in some way? That haunts me. It’s a really common fear.” This fear is evident in “Champagne,” where K.Flay describes the loneliness and sorrow she feels and her search for something to ease the pain.

This track also displays K.Flay’s passion for hip-hop. The genre is what made K.Flay start working on music when she was in college. “I started messing around with music and learning how to record. It wasn’t until after college that I put out my first mixtape, started playing in San Francisco and began understanding that it was something I wanted to do.”

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