You Will “Feel Right” When You Listen to K.Flay’s 7 Best Songs

1. “You Felt Right”

In K.Flay’s words: “I wrote this song in Nashville, after being on the road for so long. Maybe that’s why I was in the headspace for it to come spilling out.” This track shows the singer as a vulnerable, yet strong person who’s looking back on a relationship that didn’t work out. She starts the song in a weak position, but at the end, she becomes aware of her power. The lines “You should have known don’t trust a poet // ‘Cause we know how to speak” are an excellent depiction of who K.Flay is, and the entire song is a great example of the singer’s abilities for storytelling.

A self-proclaimed bookworm, K.Flay used to upload book reviews to her YouTube channel. “I think reading is pretty much what I do. Even on the road, I’m in the back of the van just reading. It’s good me-time. The thing about a book, which is different from television, is that it’s fully engrossing. To me, a TV is something in the background. Maybe you’re watching football and you’re talking to your friends or you’re on the internet or you’re on your phone. But when you’re reading, you can’t be on your phone; you have to be in [the book]. That’s what I do to escape.” This is possibly one of the reasons why K.Flay is one of the best lyricists and storytellers in the music industry right now. “You Felt Right” truly displays her talent and that’s why this is her best song to date.

We wish K.Flay a happy birthday!

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