Bring Me The Horizon Gets Real With Gutsy Pandemic-Inspired Single “Parasite Eve”

No one gets straight to the point quite like Bring Me The Horizon. The British alternative metal band always finds a new way to stand out, and their new single, “Parasite Eve,” has done just that. Many pandemic songs have been about positivity. Meanwhile, Bring Me The Horizon is using their music to get across issues of humanitarianism through virus-themed metaphors. It’s dark, but fits perfectly with their new genre blend of metal and electronic music.

“Parasite Eve” has so many layers of musical complexity. From the Bulgarian choral group in the intro to the robotic interludes, Bring Me The Horizon has a lot to bring to the table. Many fans were originally upset with their genre shift. However, “Parasite Eve” brings back some of the heaviness of their earlier music, yet manages to sprinkle in the electronic and alternative elements in flawlessly.

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Lyrically, “Parasite Eve” is witty and timely, and singer Oliver Sykes has some amazing lines. For example, “When we forget the infection, will we remember the lesson,” cuts straight to the point. We’re in a crisis and people are taking the time to learn about racism, poverty and many other issues, but will we just go back to how it was before? Other lines like, “Quarantine all of those secrets in that black hole you call a brain before it’s too late,” are a great play on words. The words are harsh, but they’re also what we need to hear. Amongst the riffs, we (and Oli) are screaming for change.

The more we listen to “Parasite Eve,” the better it sounds. Bring Me The Horizon may seem edgy with this one, but the more you listen to the lyrics, you realize how sadly accurate our world’s situation is. However, the band has channeled all that dark energy into a banger of a track. New and old fans alike will love this one. Bring Me The Horizon continues to change the game through their varying styles, heavy instrumentation and stinging lyrics. Check out the equally haunting “Parasite Eve” music video below.

Featured Image: Sony Music Entertainment