Pop Duo The Veronicas Wrestle With Their Feelings on “Biting My Tongue”

Australian pop duo The Veronicas dropped their latest single “Biting My Tongue” on July 3. The twin sisters, Jessica and Lisa, have returned to the music scene after not releasing new music for a whopping six years. You might remember jamming to their hits “4ever” and “Untouched.” But “Biting My Tongue” marks their next era, and the song will be the lead single on their upcoming fourth studio album, Human, which is set to drop later this year.

“Biting My Tongue” is the perfect single to get fans stoned for their new music. While reminiscent of their previous albums, the single feels fresh for 2020 and is complete with a tremendous build during the chorus that creates a strong dance moment.

The pop jam carries an interesting and relatable storyline; it’s about whether or not you should tell your crush how you’re feeling. You know, when you want to say something but you don’t want to ruin the friendship? One lyric in particular says, “I’ve been there, biting my tongue // Trying to hold on to what I’m feeling // ‘Cause I know that I’m safe in my head // You got my heart beating so loud.”

The debate on whether to keep the feelings to yourself, where they’re “safe,” is something many of us can relate to. And the fear of losing a friendship is equally, if not more relatable. “I really wanna say this, I don’t wanna lose this,” they sing. “… I’m just telling you how I feel.” The Veronicas have given us an exciting Summer song about taking chances and being vulnerable.

Be on the lookout for The Veronicas’ fourth studio album, Human. And while you’re waiting for their LP to drop, make sure you listen to “Biting My Tongue” and tell your crush you’re into them.

Featured Image: The Veronicas