Chris Young’s “If That Ain’t God” is the Hopeful Single We All Need Right Now

Country star Chris Young has released his latest single, “If That Ain’t God,” and it’s full of the hope and optimism we all need right now. The track is Young’s first single since the release of “Drowning,” which was a heartfelt tribute to one of his best friends. But having teased the “If That Ain’t God” on Instagram a while back and seeing fans react to the snippet, Young felt that its message will help people stay positive and push through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to the track’s release, fans knew just how special the song was to him. The country crooner frequently posted about the song before its release, and in every post he mentioned just how meaningful it was to him, and how he hoped it would resonate the same with fans. And now that it’s out, it clearly has.

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So happy right now! Thank you so much #IfThatAintGod

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Already, “If That Ain’t God” is a fan favorite, and it’s only been a few days since it cane out! The single is all about hope and perseverance during difficult times (much like the one we’re facing now) and knowing that “the man upstairs” is always looking out for us, even when it may not seem like it.

Some of the strongest lyrics in the song are, “I took a breath and I looked out the windowpane// At the sunrise man, only he could paint.” That lyric alone proves that the universe is so much bigger than we often think it is, and that so much of this world is out of our control.

“It got me thinking ’bout all my crazy years// And the miracles y’all that got me here,” Young continues. “Make a grown man wanna cry happy tears// If that ain’t God, if that ain’t him// If that ain’t the man upstairs somewhere looking down on us again.” It’s all about having faith, even in the most difficult moments.

The song, of course, speaks to fans in many ways. In addition to reminding them of a divine presence, it’s also about admiring God’s handiwork, which Young sings about often. Hopefully, the rest of his upcoming album will be just as inspiring. And if it’s anything like this single, it’ll likely be his most heartfelt release yet.

Young’s next LP has not yet been announced, but the fans that follow him on social media know that he’s been hard at work during quarantine. When it does finally come out, the album will be Young’s eighth studio album, and with his constant teasing of the project, fans are more than ready for the singer’s new era.

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