Glass Animals Bring Some Indie Summer Sadness With New Single “Heat Waves”

Damn! Glass Animals is playing with our emotions again. The British group’s newest single, “Heat Waves,” is about not being able to save a relationship. Juxtaposed with a chill beat, we don’t know whether to dance or cry. Maybe both? Even better, the band accompanied the song with a music video filmed by fans. It is a tough summer for a lot of us, and Glass Animals has a knack for capturing our emotions in words with beautiful synths.

We have all struggled with wanting to be there for someone in a way we know we can’t. Dave Bayley perfectly explains that painful feeling through the lyrics. “I just wish that I could give you that that look that’s perfectly unsad.” We can hear the hurt. This might be the summer breakup song we need because even when someone is gone, sometimes all we think about is them.


Even with the sad subject, Glass Animals still manages to hit us with a catchy chorus. You’ll be bopping while trying not to cry. It tugs at our heartstrings. Dave’s whispering vocals along with the band’s bouncy beats only add to the ambiance. As “Heat Waves” is part of Glass Animals’ third album, they have really refined their craft of storytelling through lyrics with psychedelic instrumentals.

Additionally, if the song wasn’t enough for you, the boys have provided us with an accompanying music video. Bayley has described it as a “love letter to live music.” Glass Animals found a way to get crafty in a time where live shows aren’t happening. He is hauling gear to a venue alone while the whole event is filmed by fans watching safely from their homes. Then, Bayley performs to no audience with the rest of the bands shown on TVs. It’s a unique concept and done well.

We can’t wait to see how “Heat Waves” fits into the new album, Dreamland. August 7 can’t come soon enough. Hopefully, the new music will tide us over until live shows are back in action. Until then, stay healthy and watch the “Heat Waves” music video (preferably with the AC on).

Featured Image: Wolf Tone Records

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