Jessie Ware Brings Disco to 2020 With What’s Your Pleasure?

British singer-songwriter Jessie Ware has released her fourth studio album, What’s Your Pleasure? This is a project heavily influenced by disco music, with sounds reminiscent of artists like Madonna, Donna Summer and more. It’s a stand-out album, compared to Jessie’s previous work, positioning her in the path of success, as disco makes a comeback with the likes of Dua Lipa‘s Future Nostalgia album and Doja Cat‘s smash hit “Say So.” But no one has dedicated themselves to the disco sound like Jessie has in What’s Your Pleasure?

The album starts with “Spotlight,” a song that follows the classic disco structure and feels like a foggy night club in the ’70s. With vintage vocal effects and a steady dance beat, it’s the perfect introduction to the tone of the project. The following song is the title track “What’s Your Pleasure?” and it’s an easy stand-out moment. It continues the mood set in “Spotlight,” but with some funkier production and sensual vocals.

“Ooh La La” is anthemic, with vocal effects that make it sound like the lyrics are being spoken by a crowd. It’s an electric, understated dance track like the previous songs before it. Although the first three tracks of the album are similar, they each stand out in their own right.

The next track, “Soul Control,” ramps up the volume a bit. With a faster tempo and even more disco synths, this track could easily pass as a Madonna song. Jessie’s vocal abilities are on display in “Save A Kiss,” a sensual and romantic club beat with an extraordinary buildup that results in masterful production.

“Adore You” is the softest track on the album thus far, with gentle vocals declaring romantic passion. The beat speeds up as the song progresses, with an addicting techno element. “In Your Eyes” continues this soft sensuality, with a slow groove and dazzling vocals.

Jessie brings us Saturday Night Fever vibes with “Step Into My Life,” which could be straight off the soundtrack of the iconic ’70s film. She then brings us to a more modern place with “Read My Lips,” which combines disco and ’80s sounds with current-day lyrics.

“Mirage (Don’t Stop)” emulates every theme explored on the album: romance, sensuality, disco beats and club atmospheres. The lyric “Last night we danced and I thought you were saving my life” stands out in a mysterious way.

To close the album, Jessie gets vulnerable with “The Kill” — a track about being wary of opening up too much. It’s hypnotic, as she discusses the risks associated with being completely open. Again, it’s very reminiscent of Madonna, specifically with “Justify My Love.”

The last track on What’s Your Pleasure? is the perfect closer, with a joyous chorus and lyrics about resilience. Jessie sings, “When life is hard, that’s how it goes // As your destiny unfolds, hold on,” ending an album full of romance with a more universal message. It’s a track about seeing the beauty in the mundane, filling listeners with a sense of community.

What’s Your Pleasure? is easily one of the most memorable albums released this year. Instead of just experimenting with disco sounds, Jessie Ware decided to go full out with a record that could’ve been released in the ’70s. Every detail, down to the album cover, which is an homage to Diana Ross, dedicates itself to the disco aesthetic. The sonic journey, funky beats and stunning vocals of What’s Your Pleasure? set the tone for a perfect summer soundtrack.

Featured Image: Universal Music Operations Limited