$NOT Expresses His Opinions About BLM in “Can You Help Me”

$NOT has released his new song, “Can You Help Me,” to express his opinions on the Black Lives Matter movement. He released this song formally on July 3, 2020, in respect of BLM. $NOT’s visceral lyrics are a cry for help to those who are silent during this movement. In addition, all proceeds collected from “Can You Help Me” will be donated to the nonprofit Engage Miami.

Soon after the death of George Floyd in May, $NOT released this song to express his feelings. Originally released on June 6, “Can You Help Me” talks about the relationship between cops and Black Americans. He expresses his opinions with the lyrics “Look at me, look at you, tryna fight for rights // Been at the low tryna find different heights.” $NOT makes it clear that his goal is equality by attending BLM protests and actively showing his support for BLM.

He also makes his opinions about those who are silent loud and clear. For example, he says, “You ain’t sayin’ nothin’, man, that’s bullshit // Standin’ ’round acting like a cool kid // Put your pride aside, ain’t no time to lie // We gon’ come together for the people that have died.” $NOT wants everyone to come together to fight for this cause. Fighting for BLM means fighting for the rights of Black people past, present and future.

All proceeds from “Can You Help Me” will be donated to the nonprofit organization Engage Miami. Engage Miami unites young people in Miami through voter registration, civic education and organizing campaigns. They have registered 20,000 people in 2020 alone, in efforts to bring the change they want. Listen to the song to help Engage Miami and help those in need.

Featured Image: Instagram (@copes)