Anne-Marie & Doja Cat Glamorize What It Means “To Be Young” in New Collab

A fresh new collaboration between Anne-Marie and Doja Cat reminds us to cherish how it feels “To Be Young.” Released on July 17, these two have not only set the tone for Anne-Marie’s second studio album, but for the rest of the 2020 summer.

The new single projects the metaphor that youth can, at times, act as a double-edged sword, causing as much despair as joy. Together, the two twenty-something pop stars have released an accompanying music video, filmed quarantine-style, where both artists visually romanticize different aspects of youth culture. With this duo, we expected nothing less than vibrant colors and glittery edits… and let’s just say, they sure did deliver!

The entirety of the music video encompasses an eccentric aesthetic that has rapidly grown among millennials and those of Generation Z. The whimsical duo is featured strutting around their living rooms, decked out in bright outfits and abstract makeup. As strong figures in pop music, they reinforce that we’re allowed to express ourselves in whatever way we please (including unconventional, playful outfits).

Lyrically, Anne-Marie strips down her image, to admit that she doesn’t always have a solid, long-term plan (and that’s perfectly okay). She opens the song so eloquently, singing, “You tell me I should make a plan for a life // What I’m thinkin’ ’bout is what to do tonight // Hundred miles an hour, no headlights // On an open road home.” In just a simple verse, the singer-songwriter sums up how so many of us feel amidst these trying times — feeling as though we need to prepare for what’s to come, even though the future is completely unprecedented.

Doja Cat makes her debut in the third verse, which is all about navigating self-exploration from a young age. She questions her motives and admits, “I just want freedom, can’t be lonely // Heartless, hopeful, stupid, phony // Say they love me but won’t show me // Is this how it feels like to be young?” Here, Doja Cat acknowledges that she lets imposter syndrome get the best of her, often feeling like a “phony.” Although she admits to not having it all figured out, she can also acknowledge that youth itself marks an enormous learning experience that nurtures passion into growth.

Featured Image: Instagram (@annemarie)