Dev’s Comeback Single “Mango” Is a Sexy Summer Sensation

It’s been three years since hype-pop singer Dev released new music, yet she wasted no time jumping back into the scene. When Dev’s comeback single, “Mango,” dropped last Friday, it was an automatic sexy, summer sensation. A track that emblazons her greatest assets, it pedals fast into the thickest of basses overtop her sticky vocals to produce a strobe-lit anthem in the comfort of the listener’s own home. And with the pandemic, that’s exactly the reaction it needs.

Taking to Instagram a few days before “Mango” dropped, Dev explained the slinky comeback was written in her back house after a long night clubbing at Cheetahs Hollywood. She went on to say, “I’m feeling myself and having fun again. The past ten years have been wild, but I never stopped or switched up. And now it’s time to pop the P you know?” before plugging the newest single. She even went on to announce a lineup of new content that’ll be dropping every three weeks throughout the rest of the year.


Pairing the club-laden single with three separate video clips on her Instagram, it acts as a reflection of what one would expect out of “Mango” as we still wade deep in COVID territory. A simple setup, Dev sits in front of a white wall framed by a sultry black leotard while sporting massive dollar sign earrings and sunglasses. She languidly moves to the music as a glitching filter flickers across her body. It feels more personable, somehow, seeing an artist promote a new song by dancing to it while a camera sitting on a tripod captures the entire thing. It feels more human. We’re all cooped up at home, yet Dev makes it a point to portray the same sensation one might feel if you heard “Mango” booming from a club’s stereo system.

Whether you’re having pool parties, day parties or bedroom parties, Dev’s single “Mango” is the perfect summer anthem to make you feel sexy and happy wherever you are. Add it to one of your party playlists and see how sweet and spicy it turns out. “Mango” is streaming now.

Featured Image: Foundation Media, LLC (on behalf of DEVISHOT)

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