TikTok Star Jaden Hossler, A.K.A. Jxdn, Reflects on a Toxic Relationship in “So What!”

TikTokers inside the Sway and Hype House have been on a role when it comes to releasing new music. Dixie D’Amelio, for example, just recently dropped her new single “Be Happy.” But even more recent that that is the new song titled “So What!” by none other than Sway House’s Jaden Hossler, and guys, it’s a bop.

Ever since Hossler captured the attention of fans with his song “Angels and Demons,” they’ve been eager to hear more. “So What!” — which carries a rock vibe similar to 5 Seconds of Summer — focuses on past relationships that ended with negative energy, leaving Hossler to deal with complicated feelings on his own. He starts off the song by admitting that the relationship was toxic, but can’t help but reflect on it. The song also delves into some real territory, mentioning Hossler’s own personal struggles with PTSD and depression.

With the drama surrounding fellow TikTokers Chase Hudson (LilHuddy), Nessa Barrett, and pretty much every member in both creator houses, the release of the single seems to be giving off a subliminal message. Fans have began speculating that both these popular houses have instigated drama on purpose to gain hype for the release of “So What!”

Like you, we cannot wait to see what new music Jaden decides to drop next. Do you think the recent TikTok drama was to hype up Hossler’s single, or was it a mere coincidence? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @soundigest.

Featured Image: Instagram (@jadenhossler)

Amrutha Satti