Taylor Swift Announces New Album Folklore: Swifties React

Hey swifties, how are you all doing out there?

This morning has been a lot to handle. Taylor Swift announced her eighth studio album (and second album in the last 11 months) will be released Friday, July 24. Folklore will feature a collection of songs that Swift wrote over the last few months after being quarantined due to COVID-19.

Coincidentally, this weekend was the original date for Lover Fest, before it was canceled due to the virus. Eager to not leave her fans empty-handed, Swift will release the 16-song album at midnight.


Of course, the Swifties are… ecstatic, to say the least.

The announcement came with no warning, just a simple Instagram posted with the track listing. The album will feature Bon Iver, as well as songs produced by frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff.

Of course, a Taylor release isn’t complete without fan theories. Fans have been speculating that William Bowery, who is credited as a songwriter on the album, might be a pseudonym for her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Other fans are speculating what certain songs will be about, like “Betty.”

The music video for “Cardigan” will be released tonight, which Taylor wrote and directed herself, and even had medical experts on the scene to ensure they were being safe. Smart AND talented!

We cannot wait to listen to the album and hear your reactions!

Featured image: @TaylorSwift on Instagram / Beth Garrabrant

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