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Emily Burns Releases Fun EP I Love You, You’re The Worst

Last week, singer-songwriter Emily Burns released I Love You, You’re The Worst, a four-song EP. Burns combines heartfelt lyrics with catchy beats, creating songs with a cinematic feel.

The first track, “Hello,” was released in February. The track discusses someone who keeps coming back around, even though you’ve already ended things. “When I’m ‘bout to let you go // you show up and say hello,” Burns sings wistfully over a thumping beat.

“Terrified” is an examination of anxiety, but the production keeps the song light. “And they say that I // Should enjoy the ride // But I’m terrified,” Burns sings, voicing a feeling that many can relate to. It’s an extremely catchy track with a grinding guitar riff that’ll be stuck in your head for hours after one listen.

“Curse” shifts gears from bouncy pop beats to slow piano and clear vocals. The song is sung from the point of view of someone who no longer believes in love. “I was in a place at the time, where I felt like everyone around me was falling in love and only I wasn’t able to. As if love was this world that was inaccessible to me,” said Burns in an interview with Atwood Magazine. “I decided to use the word ‘Curse’ as a metaphor… making out that love is evil and that I don’t actually want to find it… The irony of the song is that I’m just saying all of these things to save pride and in actual fact, everyone wants to be in love, right?”

The title track “I Love You, You’re The Worst” describes a love-hate relationship. “Oh my God // I’m in love // you’re the worst,” Burns sings cheerfully over a skipping beat. It’s a fun song that’ll have you dancing around your room, singing along.

Burns is definitely an emerging talent; her lyrics and melody-writing make her songs unique and fun to listen to. This EP is a continuation of her skills as a singer-songwriter.

Check out I Love You, You’re The Worst here!

Featured Image: Island Records

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