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“Life Goes On” in Bryce Vine’s Newest Single

Singer-songwriter Bryce Vine has released his latest single, “Life Goes On,” and it is an excellent reminder that no matter what we face and the troubles we go through, that life moves on. This year has been challenging for most, with a lot of heartache and change, so this song could not come at a better time.

In regards to the song Vine said, “…wrote this song the day after the tragic death of Kobe Bryant. I thought that would be the worst thing to happen this year. It shook my faith in the good of the world. But this song helps to calm my mind and I hope it does the same for you.”


“Life Goes On” is different than many other of Vine’s hits. Unlike “La La Land” and “Drew Barrymore,” the song is much slower in rhythm and has a very relaxing vibe to it, as he mentioned. This song is perfect to listen to when you just want to relax and forget about the world. Music is something that people turn to in times of trouble, and Vine has created the perfect masterpiece as a reminder that no matter how tough things get and how stuck we feel, that life will go on after this. Here is a snippet of some lyrics taken from the song that fans are relating to: “And I’m finding some peace // In starting wars with myself // Life goes on // Life goes on.” These lyrics help fans recognize that sometimes we have to start wars within ourselves to gain the strength and move on to find peace.

We can all use a reminder to take a deep breath and relax — that everything will be okay — and that life will go on. Check out Bryce Vine’s newest single of encouragement below.

Featured Image: Instagram (@brycevine)

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