You Won’t Want to “Change Your Mind” About Listening to Keith Urban’s New Single

Country Superstar Keith Urban is back with his latest release, “Change Your Mind,” from his upcoming album, The Speed of Now Part 1. This single is a little bit different than the other early releases from the album, like “Superman” and “Polaroid,” but it showcases that the Aussie singer incorporates a layer of depth to every one of his projects.

“Change Your Mind” has a little more depth to it than some of the other songs that have been pre-released off the album, but it is the perfect sound to make the forthcoming album complete, because what is a Keith Urban album without a song that will put you in your feels?! The single features a slow sound with very deep lyrics, as opposed to his earlier-released “Superman,” which was vibrant and uplifting.

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CHANGE YOUR MIND. Out everywhere tonight.

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“Change Your Mind” is reminiscent of a former lover, and Keith wishes he could change her mind and convince her to get back together with him. The lyrics are equally as powerful because almost everyone who has gone through a rough breakup and have changed something about themselves, whether that be their appearance, their character, their emotional capacity, etc. Lyrics like, “So you changed your world // You changed your hair // And the clothes you wear // And your pillow’s side // You changed your number // And got some friends // That I don’t recognize,” really put this idea into perspective, and make it relatable to anyone who hears it. The chorus ends with Keith posing the question of if he changes, would she change her mind.

“Change Your Mind” is arguably one of Urban’s deepest and most relatable songs that he has released to date and it makes fans excited to know there is even more coming with the rest of the new album. The Speed of Now Part 1 is dropping September 18, and fans cannot wait! Listen to “Change Your Mind” and get into your feels with us here:

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