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More Quarantine Music Videos We’re Totally Vibing With

1. OK Go — “All Together Now”

Indie/pop rock group OK Go is most known for their elaborate music videos, using either experiments or graphic-designs (remember ‘Here It Goes Again’ or ‘Upside Down & Inside Out’?!) Despite the shutdown and lead singer Damian Kulash’s recovery from the coronavirus, they have provided another incredible video with a different method! Their hit “All Together Now” is demonstrated during the shelter-in-place order in L.A (earlier in May), where the band was separated in their own homes and away from the studio. Clips of each member slide in and out of view, as the uplifting song makes its mark.

In the final minute as the song concludes, four members open their doors to show the nightly celebrations of frontline workers, spreading love and gratitude for their devotion to our safety–the perfect ending to a song encouraging unity and human connection.

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