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More Quarantine Music Videos We’re Totally Vibing With

8. Sylvan Esso — “Rooftop Dancing” and “Ferris Wheel”

Electro duo Sylvan Esso couldn’t resist creating and craftin’ during our time in quarantine. Singer Amelia Meath and producer Nick Sanborn have release two singles from their third studio album Free Love, expected to appear on Sept. 25th. Both songs mirror their traditional style of pop with a tech-twist, and the lyrics are super-smooth!

“Ferris Wheel” was released in mid-July, making it the perfect bop for the middle of the summer. Amelia is electric, with groovy dance-moves and flair, among the lights of carnival rides! They summarized via Twitter that the song is about “discovering your power and awkwardly figuring out how to wield it.” They’re a group that promotes individuality and human-potential. They never disappoint–they’re like the coolest kids at the party!

“Rooftop Dancing” is light and airy. The video focuses on city-life among the pandemic: gleams of light as we’re going through the dark tunnel. Despite the quiet streets and smaller crowd, people are making the most of their surroundings: skating in the streets, sitting in the dog parks or on fire-escapes, and just ‘doing their thing’, as Amelia softly whispers. On twitter, at the release of their video, she described the single as “about being a tiny part of a beautiful world–about joy in the midst of catastrophic change”. This is the content we needed!

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