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More Quarantine Music Videos We’re Totally Vibing With

5.John Legend — “Bigger Love”

There is nothing this guy can’t do! Piano-man & songwriter John Legend created a tropical, rhythmic jam that brings us on our feet! You’ll be heading to the kitchen, backyard, or wherever your make-shift dance floor takes place amongst this quarantine! While we’re all riding out the storm of covid-19, Legend’s lyrics remind us that love can help us overcome tragedy and keep us connected.

The video is an inspiring montage, showing loved ones as a phone call and text (or Tik Tok!) away, with smiling faces and dancing feet. Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen and the kids, Luna and Miles, make their appearance in home-videos, alongside other clips of young couples, grandparents, neighbors and friends, and essential workers, showing unity and strength with ‘Bigger Love’ in the backdrop! This video will be a ‘legend’ too!

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