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More Quarantine Music Videos We’re Totally Vibing With

2.Ben Harper –“Don’t Let Me Disappear”

In the early months of the pandemic, we were placed on a heavy lockdown, restricting contact with our work-friends, school-friends, and family. Those emotions were as chaotic and un-nerving as a roller-coaster. “I am broken”, whispers Harper at the start of the chorus, “but we are whole.” His lyrics capture those wavering feelings perfectly, as we’re still fighting the invisible enemy of Covid-19. Blues/folks singer Ben Harper describes the hit as “the fine line between loneliness, isolation and invisibility, to where you can’t seem to find a way not to be hiding in plain sight.”

The moving video, shot in black-and-white, alternates from clips of two modern dancers and Harper with his guitar. The dancers use their isolation and empty space to their advantage, creating miraculous and elegant movements. Harper can be seen in his backyard on a television screen, singing along and promoting his message for hope care.

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