Luke Bryan Born Here Live Here Die Here LP

Luke Bryan’s Born Here Live Here Die Here is the Perfect Taste of Country Music

Country Superstar Luke Bryan has finally released his latest album Born Here Live Here Die Here, and it is truly a look into his life and what makes him proud of the town he is from. This album was arguably one of Bryan’s most anticipated by fans, and it gives a deeper meaning to being “country.”

Born Here Live Here Die Here is Bryan’s seventh studio album and already has four radio hits: “Knockin’ Boots,” “What She Wants Tonight,” “Born Here Live Here Die Here” and finally “One Margarita,” all of which were released leading up to the full album. These four songs got fans excited, becoming instant hits across all streaming platforms and country radio stations. “Build Me a Daddy” was subsequently released and was the perfect Father’s Day song — although it didn’t make a hit on country radio.


Fans are also loving “Too Drunk to Drive” and “Little Less Broken.” These songs have some similarities to older releases, particularly “Drunk on You” and “Roller Coaster,” but with new meanings to fans. “Too Drunk to Drive” is about that almost drunken feeling when you look at someone you love, seemingly making it a follow up to “Drunk on You.” “Little Less Broken” is very similar in sound to “Roller Coaster” as it is a little slower and more meaningful than some of the fun songs on the album, but the lyrics are about someone who is post-breakup and is taking more time to move on than the other person. Both of these songs are getting a lot of recognition from fans, so hopefully they will be on country airwaves soon!

Born Here Live Here Die Here is arguably one of Bryan’s most hit-filled releases to date. It also takes country listeners back to their roots and allows them to enjoy reminiscing on the good ol’ days while also having some Luke Bryan-fashioned fun! Listen to Born Here Live Here Die Here with us, and tweet us your favorite track!

Featured Image: Capitol Records Nashville

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