Top Madonna Albums Ranked

3 Madonna Albums That Will Never Go Out of Style

3. Madonna

Even though Madonna released her self-titled debut in 1983, she was already dominating the club scenes with singles like “Everybody” and “Burning Up.” The edge she brought to dance-pop allowed her sound to travel to mainstream radio and overtake the general public with her eclectic image and killer attitude that was absent from most pop divas at the time. Her success only continued to grow as the anthemic “Holiday” cracked the Hot 100.

The self-titled, though, had a much slower rollout. Even though it was released in 1983, it eventually became one of the best-selling records of 1984. When flipping this record on, it’s important to keep in mind that her slick synths and drum-heavy lead were a tangy mix of the biggest pop earworms and club zingers. It was a refreshing squeeze onto the mainstream music scene, and it keeps getting better with age.

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