FLETCHER "If I Hated You"

“If I Hated You” Explores FLETCHER’S Complicated Relationship

FLETCHER just released the single “If I Hated You,” which has us so excited for her upcoming EP The S(ex) Tapes!

The song is about how hard it can be to let someone go, even after they’re gone from your life. “You know I dream about // getting back together in the future,” she croons over a minimal beat, before declaring, “The nighttime is the hardest // it’d be easy if I hated you.”

What makes the song all the more personal is when you learn that FLETCHER was quarantined with an ex-girlfriend, which inspired the EP. The singer’s ex even shot the video for the single!

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“’If I Hated You’ is the best visual representation of what the whole EP looks and feels like. The EP is called The S(ex) Tapes. All the visuals were shot by my ex and I wanted this EP to just be a really fucking honest representation of what it is like to love somebody, have such a connection, but also have all these questions,” FLETCHER said in an interview with Clash Music. “From exploring my sexuality to never having been on my own before and having co-dependency issues, or not knowing how to deal with shit by myself; I wanted to sit in that and heal from the things I’ve been running away from.”

“If I Hated You” combines personal, heartfelt lyrics with a danceable beat. This is one you’d be screaming on the dancefloor — you know, if clubs were open right now. Guess we’ll have to settle for belting it in our bedrooms for now!

The S(ex) Tapes will be out September 18.

Check out “If I Hated You” here!

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