ITZY Are Not Shy in Expressing Their Feelings on New EP

ITZY are back with their third EP, Not Shy. Since their debut, the K-pop quintet have been preachers of individuality and confidence, complete with their unique sonic style and a bit of sass. Once again, Yeji, Ryujin, Lia, Chaeryeong and Yuna are “Not Shy” in their pursuit of whatever they want!

“I like you, it’s my free will // You feel what I feel // Tell me everything // All of it now cuz I’m not shy,” they say in the pre-chorus.

They released their accompanying music and the theme is Hollywood Western, ITZY-style. We see the girls in various stylish and colorful outfits (cowboy hats and boots included), getting into car chases and graffiti-ing walls. They’re having a good ol’ time while also performing upbeat choreography.

Not Shy contains six bold tracks, incorporating more of a rock ‘n’ roll vibe in addition to their signature upbeat anthems and trap sounds. Most notably, they sing more about love, laced with the group’s usual confident flair.

“Don’t Give a What” contains rock ‘n’ roll guitar riffs, intense horns and percussion, which complement their powerful vocals and make for the catchiest anthem.

“Louder” contains some of the same production style and will continue to amp you up. We’re loving the rapping from Ryujin and vocals from Lia on this.

“iD” is another fun track, as the girls are as straightforward as ever and know exactly what they want.

The EP closes out with “Surf” and “Be In Love,” as the band showcases more of their soothing R&B vocals, especially from youngest member Yuna.

With their end-of-summer comeback, the girls of ITZY continue to be unapologetic and evolve with their musical style and concepts.

Listen to ITZY’s Not Shy EP now:

Featured Image: JYP Entertainment

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