Rudi From The Bachelor‘s Subseries Listen to Your Heart Talks New Songs, Inspirations and 2021 Plans

Whether you’re a fan of reality TV or up-and-coming artists, Rudi has something for you. Rudi Gutierrez is a young musician from Texas. You may also know her from The Bachelor‘s musical spin-off, Listen to Your Heart. Although Rudi didn’t “win” or find love on the show, that’s not stopping her. She has already self-released three singles and is proving she is here to stick around.

With her songs so far — “Stupid Boy,” “Hate LA” and “Smile” — Rudi brings heart, sass and a beautiful blend of genres to the table. The Texas singer is starting strong and already has grown somewhat of a devoted following from her time on TV. Her music is empowering, yet fun. We also love how she’s blending her classic vocals with modern production styles. Lucky for us, we got to speak with Rudi about her music, inspirations and what her future holds. Here what she had to say:

Hi! We are loving what music you’ve released after Listen to Your Heart. Based on your three current singles, is this what we can expect from you genre-wise in the future?

Thank you!! Yeah, I think so. Those songs are all different in small ways and the only thing that doesn’t ever change is my voice. Obviously, I sing how I sing, so music-wise may be a little different, depending on how I’m feeling, but for the most part, yeah that’s me.

Of your three singles, which was your favorite to make and why?

I think “Smile” was probably my favorite, just because we weren’t trying to make that song. I was just in a room with one of my friends and he started playing piano and usually the chorus of the song is like the hardest for me to write but he started playing these chords, and right away I sang the entire chorus lyrics. I just said it, and that became the chorus of the song and I wrote that within probably like five minutes, the chorus. Then I couldn’t finish the rest of the song, so we put it away and that was it, just a beautiful chorus, but I couldn’t finish the rest of the song.

Then about a month later, we came back to it and finished it within like a day and I don’t know, I just really liked how that song came about. It was random and I thought I’d never use it and then it winds up being one of my favorite songs to date.

What are your upcoming music plans — an album, more singles or something else entirely?

Definitely more singles and music videos. I want to release an album one of these days and I want to follow it up with a tour and obviously that can’t happen right now, so I’m saving that for the right time.

Has the pandemic impacted your creativity or your ability to make music?

It would be a lot better to be able to go out and do things! I feel like I would have a lot more to talk about, but I still have so much to talk about that I haven’t shared yet, so yes and no. It sucks, but also it’s been good to just be alone with my thoughts for 10,000 years!

Have you written a decent amount of music based on your time on The Bachelor’s Listen to Your Heart?

No. I’ve only written one song based on that experience. “Stupid Boy,” which was partially about Matt.

Did your time on the show help you grow as an artist and person?

Yeah, it definitely helped me grow as a person and taught me a lot of things. It showed me that I was a lot stronger than I thought I was. Definitely a crazy experience and as an artist it pushed me in ways I have not necessarily been pushed in; for example, only having four hours together before performing a song on national television, haha!

Who are your biggest musical inspirations past and present?

I grew up loving old jazz like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole. I also really loved Christina Aguilera. Right now, I love Bruno Mars, Russ and Drake; I’d love to collab with any of them.

Are any of these inspirations, or others in the music industry, artists that you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Definitely, literally any of the ones that are still alive, I’m down, lol.

Lastly, what dreams are you manifesting for next year in either your professional or personal life?

Personally, I want a boyfriend, because I’m lonely as heck right now, thanks to quarantine. I’m trying to manifest that by being on every dating app alive. Professionally, I definitely want radio play to be in there, which has always been a major goal of mine. Maybe doing another reality show. I always knew I was going to like being on camera, but it was just so much fun. I had a great experience, so maybe doing another one of those. Who knows.

Featured Image: Miguel Flores

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