Dua Lipa Top Performances

5 Performances that Dua Lipa Absolutely Slayed


Just a few short years ago, Grammy-award-winning, pop sensation Dua Lipa was rarely on anyone’s radar. Her self-titled debut record dropped in April 2017, and she only had a few singles released beforehand. The first time I was exposed to her name was when she opened for Troye Sivan’s 2016 tour where I was instantly turned on to her syrupy voice and slinky demeanor.

In fact, her live performances are of a different breed. Feeding off of the crowds, the pop diva has a way of commanding a stage with just the slightest vocal runs (that sound just as solid as the studio versions) and determined gleam in her eyes. For Dua Lipa’s 25th birthday tomorrow, we’ve has compiled a list of her top five performances that could turn anyone onto her talent and refreshing charm:

Featured Image: Instagram (@dualipa)

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