Dua Lipa Top Performances

5 Performances that Dua Lipa Absolutely Slayed

4. “Potter than Hell (Halloween Date)”

On Dua’s first headlining tour, she created a fun atmosphere for her show in Hamburg, Germany, on Halloween. Opening the show with an isolated voiceover of Professor Snape, she completely immersed herself in the Harry Potter universe. Her backdrop was recreated to feature her name in the famous scratchy Potter font used for the series, and she walked out to the twinkling keys of Harry Potter’s most recognizable song. The pop icon was decked out in a Gryffindor school uniform with the round glasses to boot. She also renamed her hit single “Hotter than Hell” to a tongue-in-cheek “Potter than Hell.”

This performance makes the list because of its theatrics and quirky spirit. One doesn’t even need to be a Potter Head to enjoy everything that’s going on here.

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