Dua Lipa Top Performances

5 Performances that Dua Lipa Absolutely Slayed

2. “Lost in your Light” (Glastonbury Session)

Glastonbury usually brings out the spark in artists when they’re given the opportunity to perform there. This couldn’t be truer as Dua Lipa’s intimate session is one of her best performances to date. Her sweet-spot seems to be in stripping back the electronic feel of her songs and creating a much softer atmosphere live. Some of her most stellar live sets include an acoustic version of a track that would, otherwise, bring out an EDM fusion. This Glastonbury session is a standout because of how everything came together. Whether it was in her pitch-perfect voice, the guitarist’s performance or in how secluded the setup was, it cast the limelight on Dua’s talent that hadn’t been seen on that large a scale before (this performance hit just a couple months after her debut record dropped).

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