BTS "Dynamite"

BTS Bring Summer Vibes With First English Single “Dynamite”

It’s no secret that BTS like to try out different genres. From elements of hip-hop and orchestral arrangements to straightforward pop, they haven’t been afraid to incorporate new things into their sound. The group’s new single — and their first song completely in English — “Dynamite” is no exception, with the 7-piece group tackling the 70s, and more notably, disco.

The influence of the iconic disco sound is noticeable with reverb on the vocals and syncopated instrumentals. With that said, the song is still very pop-influenced — the above-mentioned facets of disco being a bit more subtle. Lyrically, the song is upbeat and incorporates the common disco theme of finding happiness through music and dance. Lines also include a mixture of classic and current pop culture references, including Bob Dylan, King Kong and Lebron James, attempting to further the melding of the two eras.


The accompanying video is where the disco theme really comes into play. The members are often dressed in bellbottoms and turning out some iconic disco moves — as well as other famous dance moves — including those of Michael Jackson. Many famous classic artists are represented in the video as well, most notably in Jungkook’s solo scenes in a bedroom, with posters of David Bowie, The Beatles and other pop-culture references covering the walls.

Other scenes include the members hanging out at a donut shop, a record store, a basketball court and performing on a stage that looks like it belongs in Saturday Night Fever. The overall aesthetic gives strong vibes of classic California beachside fun, with a bright and mostly pastel color pallet.

“Dynamite” is a fun end-of-summer track, with BTS leaning more toward a brighter sonic tone rather than the more electronic-heavy pop anthems they’ve released in the past. While there is definitely a disco influence, it often feels overwhelmed with the still very modern pop sound. The video shows off what the track somewhat covers up. For the group’s first fully English endeavor, it’s a fun and straightforward listen, not at all out of place in their catalog.

Check out the music video for “Dynamite” below!

Featured Image: Bit Hit Labels

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