Blackbear and Lauv Put Themselves in Their Partners’ Shoes in “If I Were U”

Blackbear and Lauv have recently collaborated together for the first time on blackbear’s latest album, everything means nothing. The singer’s latest album is by far one of his most versatile with it being a pop album with small nods to his alternative roots. Many of the songs on the album, like the track “I feel Bad,” are about feeling like you’re at your lowest, while still having a catchy beat that’ll make you want to dance. The song “if i were u” was the last single blackbear had released, just two days before releasing part two of everything means nothing for his fans.

While talking about this song, blackbear had mentioned, “It’s like a daydream of a record, and it was really hard for me to actually write because it’s confusing,” while also mentioning, “It took a lot of brain power for me to write that record.” Blackbear and Lauv wrote the song based off what they would do differently in a relationship if they had switched places with their partner. In the song, the duo sings, “If I were you and you were me // I would say goodbye, turn around and leave // I’d do it all so differently // If I were you and you were me,” while thinking about what they would change if the roles were reversed in their relationships.

Lauv chimes in on the second verse of the song, from the perspective of a relationship that has just ended, singing, “Girl, if I were you and you were me // I would never leave your heart this broken.” We really love how creative the two have gotten while writing this song, and definitely recommend giving it a listen. You can listen to blackbear’s collaboration with Lauv off his new album everything means nothing down below.

Featured Image: Instagram (@bear)