FLETCHER Numbs the Pain in Emotional Breakup Track “Feel”

Singer-songwriter FLETCHER has released another song off her upcoming project, titled The S(ex) Tapes, which will be released September 18. The newest track is titled “Feel” and joins “If I Hated You” as a teaser for the full EP.

“Feel” is part of a unique project. The album artwork and visuals were shot by FLETCHER’s ex-girlfriend, YouTuber Shannon Beveridge. Shannon was featured as a love interest in one of FLETCHER’s music videos in 2016, and they dated in secret for years. Now they’re broken up, but working together on a project about their breakup. It’s very unusual, but interesting to hear FLETCHER sing about Shannon, while working with her simultaneously.

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thankful for the people who make me feel things.

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The most recently released song, “Feel,” talks about the aftermath of a relationship and drinking to distract yourself from the memories of an ex-lover. You can hear the pain in FLETCHER’s voice as she sings lyrics like “So I’ll drink this wine like it’s medicine for the mind” and “So I numb your kiss with a gin and tonic.” It’s a standard breakup song about wishing away the memory of how it felt to be with someone you’re no longer seeing.

There’s nothing particularly unique about the production, compared to the rest of FLETCHER’s discography. The highlight of “Feel” is the tone of FLETCHER’s vocals. You can hear the emotions in her words as her vocal inflection goes from soft in the verses to hard in the choruses.

“Feel” has a darker, more dramatic sound than the first release from the project, “If I Hated You.” With a different tone in each song, FLETCHER has fans excited for the full tracklist of The S(ex) Tapes. There’s a clear admiration for FLETCHER’s openness and willingness to collaborate with the person who inspired the music.

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