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Lukas Graham and G-Eazy Drop a Unity Track “Share That Love”

Well! Many surprises have been thrown our way, but one that we didn’t expect was a Lukas Graham and G-Eazy collaboration. It’s impossible to imagine that in anyone’s wildest dreams, a country singer and rap star join forces to pull together a song. And for what it’s worth — the song is perfect and unique!


The single is very different from what G-Eazy normally focuses on. Diverting from his ferocious rap lifestyle, Gerald uptakes a different medium of vocal representation by singing. Keeping true to his origin, Gerald makes sure to note his lifestyle as being high and racing “High as f*ck, windows open // 5-0 right behind us // Hit the gas and we ghost’em.” G-Eazy has previously made note of his tendencies to speed, such as in his song “You Got Me,” where he raps, “Uh, I’m doin 60 un a 35 // Uh, I’m in a Rari Im just tryna drive.”

Gearing towards Graham’s story behind the track, he states in an Instagram live stream: “For all the upsides to living in Christiania, there was also trouble with the police, or issues with gangs in the city. When I listen to it [“Share That Love”] I’m reminded of some of the ways our community has really come together, like all the great parties we’ve thrown, or the huge protests where we’ve marched against the government threatening to evict us from Christiania. In these troubling times, I guess it is more important than ever to share what we have, especially your love.”

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Featured Image: Copenhagen Records

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