Bailey Hefley Raises Questions on Love in New Single “Gotta Find Out”

A summer country song is always a good idea! OK, so true life, which thoughts bubble in your mind when you start a new relationship? Well, Arkansas native Bailey Hefley covered that for us (thankfully) with her single, “Gotta Find Out,” earlier this summer. “You could be a blessin’ or a lesson,” Hefley sings. “You could be the answer or a question that leaves me up all night // You could love me, keep me, leave me, let me down // But I gotta find out.” Like whoa, you said it, girl!

She’s got a lot to say about our brave hearts in the early stages of a new relationship. While promoting a fusion of pop and country flair, she gets us in the feels. Her debut album Forever 20 Something is expected to appear later this fall, and we’re already getting good vibes!

Bailey has dreamed of pursuing music and spotlights since she was three years old. Prior to soaring into her music, she encountered a terrible challenge with her health. She began having debilitating seizures, leaving her parents and family members worried about how to help her. Her childhood consisted of taking new steps to help manage the episodes and take control again, in order to return to the things she loves. “I recall so clearly the moment I felt the fog lift,” she wrote on her website. “I was given a new life that day, and I’ve never looked back.”

Fortunately, she was able to seek the right treatments and get back into some normalcy. At 13, she began crafting her own style, later pursuing a concentration in music during her years in college. She had the chance to appear as an opening act for various country artists, including Justin Moore, Old Dominion, Ashley McBryde and Deana Carter, to name a few.

Today, she has released a few singles to appear on the upcoming album. “Gotta Find Out” serves as a winner already for its exploration of a certain bravery we use as a shield when finding a new love, even if we risk the outcome of a broken heart. When asked what the inspo was for the bop, she confessed to Wide Open Country, the initial thought process when starting a new relationship. “You’re not sure where it’s gonna go, but you know you need to forget all the heartbreaks and dive in headfirst because that’s the only way to find out.” So true!

The beat is fun, the melody is catchy and the message is clear: life is too short and you just have to go for it, because you’ll never know the outcome and it’s far from wasted time. We can’t wait to “find out” more from Bailey when the new album drops this fall. Be on the lookout!

Take a listen here!

Featured Image: Instagram (@baileyhefley)