Eric Church "Crazyland"

Eric Church’s New Single “Crazyland” is a Dive Bar Dream Come True

Country music star Eric Church has released his latest single, “Crazyland,” and it is a dive bar dream come true. “Crazyland” explores all of the characteristics of a dive bar regular including sadness, regret and a sense of belonging bringing a proper personification to the ever-present emotions. “Crazyland” is the third release off of Church’s new upcoming album, following “Stick that in Your Country Song” and “Bad Mother Trucker.”


In regards to the single, Church said, “I actually dreamed the chorus of the song, and I woke up and I wrote it down, and then I ended up writing the rest of the song to the chorus. I guess when you get to a creative point, you get in the groove like that,” adding with a laugh, “I was crazy at the time, so, you know.” In January, Church attended a writing and recording session where he wrote and recorded 28 songs in 28 days, so needless to say the creative juices were flowing.

Eric Church is no stranger to using a play-on-words, like in his song “To Kill a Word,” and “Crazyland” is written in a very similar way. As mentioned, “Crazyland” personifies the emotions that are frequently found in dive bars like sadness and regret. Some of the playful lyrics of the song are, “Let me take your hat friend // Tell me what’s the matter // ‘Round here folks call me the mad hatter // That’s Sad in the corner with his heart on his sleeve // Talking to Regret who’s never gonna leave // Over there playing pool is Fool and Lost // And tending bar tonight that’s All My Fault // We all just hang out and listen to Blues // Sing his songs there’s nothing else to do.”

“Crazyland” is a fun and playful depiction of any dive bar, and makes you want to meet the “characters” and experience it for yourself.

The track is easily becoming a fan favorite, and fans can’t wait for the rest of the upcoming album to be released. Listen to “Crazyland” and meet the “characters” in Church’s dive bar dreamscape here:

Featured Image: UMG Nashville

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