Day6 (Even of Day) Debut With Experimental The Book of Us: Gluon – Nothing Can Tear Us Apart EP

DAY6 have returned but this time it’s with their subunit Day6 (Even of Day), consisting of members Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon. The trio have debuted with the EP titled The Book of Us: Gluon – Nothing Can Tear Us Apart as part of their The Book of Us album series.

The emotional title single “Where the sea sleeps,” is a ballad about being there for one other.

“Stay with me // Don’t let go of my hand // When the serene morning comes // It will feel like a dream,” Young K sings.

The animated music video features The Denimalz – which are the band’s animal character counterparts. Even through adorable characters, the meaning of the song is showcased beautifully. You’ll probably shed a tear, or full on ugly cry – we wouldn’t blame you. We also love that Jae’s and Sungjin’s characters make a cameo as well.

The new project contains seven total songs that includes an intro, two interludes, and an outro. All songs were co-written and co-produced by Young K and Wonpil.

It kicks off with the sci-fi-esque, electronic, and synth “Landing -Intro- (with Denimalz 3).” This transitions into “Landing,” – a romantic song about feeling lost, but eventually finding yourself with someone you deserve.

Next comes “Ocean-Interlude 1- (with Denimalz 3)” in which we have Young K serenading listeners over a smooth whistled-backed instrumental.

“Forest-Interlude 2-(with Denimalz 3)” follows “Where the sea sleeps,” and once again we have subtle vocals from Young K over a dramatic beat.

The final track before the outro is “Thanks To,” and it’s all about unconditional love. The sweet and upbeat track can also be interpreted as a thank you to the fans.

“To be continued – Outro – (Sung by Denimalz 3)” is a certainly groovy and quirky ending to the unit’s debut album.

The experimental project defers from the original group’s signature rock n’ roll sound in favor of a heavily-themed, electronic, and synth out-of-world experience.

Although it’s sans our top-tier vocalists Jae and Sungjin this time around, Young K’s songwriting and the band’s chemistry is never a letdown. We’re looking forward to the next release already.

Listen to Day6 (Even of Day)’s Gluon now:

Featured Image: JYP Entertainment