Katy Perry is Bubbly and Bright on Smile

Katy Perry‘s sixth studio album Smile is everything — from production to lyrics you never knew you needed to hear. The album consists of 12 tracks, which include singles “Never Really Over,” “Daisies,” and “Harleys in Hawaii.”


When it came to Smile, we didn’t have very many expectations. What were we supposed to assume the music was supposed to be focused around? Circus? Clowns? Self-love? It seemed like a never-ending list of possibilities, especially with the versatile singles that were released beforehand. After listening to the album, it has been decided that Perry can take on several different emotions all at once.

For instance, with “Cry About Later,” Perry brings pop production with lyrics about moving on and reflecting later. Later on in the album, “Champagne Problems” and “Not End of the World” take on a similar feeling that is shown in Perry’s earlier works, like Witness and Prism. Her bubblegum image resonates within Smile but slowly begins to disappear as her mature, mother-like figure tie the album off at the end. Tracks No. 11 and 12, “Only Love” and “What Makes A Woman,” reflect upon life and everything that has happened to Katy. From calling her mother to writing a letter to her dad to her just being herself.


Let us know your top three songs that made you “smile” in the comments below!

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