Rebounder "Night Sports" Music Video

Rebounder Reminds Us of Simpler Times With “Night Sports” Music Video

NYC is no longer “the city that never sleeps” — a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic that shuttered countless businesses — but Dylan Chenfeld and his band Rebounder are here to remind us of how glorious The Big Apple was during simpler times. Their latest single, “Night Sports,” is a blend of stunning guitar riffs and smooth vocals that sounds fresh no matter how long you have it on repeat. The song is accompanied by a music video that serves as a love letter to Manhattan and the unpredictable adventures that could be had in the city before the world screeched to a halt in a quarter of the way through 2020.


“Night Sports” is an undeniably catchy anthem with a music video that pays tribute to life before face masks and social distancing. With clips of house parties, bodega trips, concerts and other carefree escapades, Rebounder makes us yearn for everything we took for granted before the pandemic.

“My brother Noah and I wrote and produced this song before social distancing was a thing,” said lead singer Dylan Chenfeld. “At the time we were going out too much that it was starting to seem like a problem, or maybe a sport.” The video also treats us to cameos from The Neighbourhood‘s Jesse Rutherford, folk music trailblazer Maggie Rogers, actress Rachel Sennott, singer-songwriter Cautious Clay and rising star Yoshi Flower.

As a New York City native, Chenfeld crafts his signature sound by drawing inspiration from his surroundings, molded by his experiences growing up Manhattan. His live band — composed of his brother Noah Chenfeld, guitarist Cobey Arner and drummer Zack Kantor — formed in 2018 and struck gold with their single “Japanese Posters,” which has racked up nearly 800,000 streams on Spotify. We can’t wait to hear what Rebounder does next, especially if it helps us reminisce on the spirited version of NYC that we know, love and desperately miss.

Featured Image: Phoenix Johnson

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