IDKHOW "Leave Me Alone"

IDKHOW Brings Synths and Sass to 2020 on Their Latest Single “Leave Me Alone”

We don’t know how, but Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman have done it again. The Salt Lake City duo is better known as I Dont Know How But They Found Me, or IDKHOW for short. Previously having worked with groups such as Panic! at the Disco and Falling In Reverse, Dallon and Ryan have really made a name for themselves as of late.

Now, they are giving us the first single ahead of their highly anticipated first studio album, Razzmatazz. “Leave Me Alone” is macabre, yet disco. It sounds like a weird combination, but the goth dance track is full of metaphors and synths.

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Dallon has always been a great lyricist. After writing some of Panic! at the Disco’s most iconic lines, he is here to make a name for himself. IDKHOW incorporates great use of witty metaphors and speaks to the dark sides of fame, Hollywood and relationships. “Leave Me Alone” is about “the devil that you know.” Dallon sings of wishing death upon this potential former friend. Through analogies, we see the storyteller’s homicidal thoughts. However, they’re juxtaposed over a catchy beat, so it’s hard not to dance to the duo’s dark humor.

Musically, this may be one of IDKHOW’s best tracks yet. “Leave Me Alone” features 80s techno sounds with clean and funky drums from Ryan. Coupled with fun guitar riffs, the track really brings a modern take to retro motifs. “Leave Me Alone” is truly one of the catchiest songs released this year. With stellar production and so many fun layers, it requires listen multiple times to grasp everything.

The track hits a whole other level when watching the music video. With 80s computers and Dallon singing in a bubble, it’s a mix of old technology and the current pandemic chaos. Ryan and Dallon add an element of theatricality to their music, and it plays well into their style and artistry.

If “Leave Me Alone” is any indication of the rest of the album, we are HYPED! Dallon and Ryan are making unique art in a time in which it’s been hard not to be derivative. Although they clearly pull inspiration from many eras of music, the IDKHOW sound is truly their own. And that’s not just in terms of sound. The lyrical content is also next-level, getting their listeners to really think. With the commitment to sound, aesthetic and theme, fall is looking like it belongs to IDKHOW.

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