6ix9ine’s TattleTales Solidifies Him As A Meme

For a man who lives a seemingly script-less life, scream-rapper 6ix9ine certainly stuck to the creative script for his post-prison sophomore record TattleTales, which arrived just in time for Labour Day weekend. Equipped with intermittent screaming and random, hollow disses, the album is pretty much on blueprint for the 24-year-old, born Daniel Hernandez.

TattleTales is an effort with a similar success factor as Kings Of Leon’s followup to their pinnacle record, Only By The Night – not great. 6ix9ine likely dealt with label pressure, which shouldn’t be discounted. The album dropped just five months after the rapper was released from prison – his sentence was slated to expire on July 31 of this year. After years behind bars, not making any content for his label, 10K Projects, it makes good sense that there may have been a push for TattleTales quick creation and release during the tough economic times during the pandemic.

TattleTales aims to pick fights out of thin air. Thriving on the stamp and repeat model, trappy production under aggressive and sexual lyrics is the name of the game. A formula that in all likelihood provides his content’s traction is a byproduct of more hate-streams/views than actual fan engagement. Fake tough guy words backed up by the simple fact that he is randomly famous for screaming and having rainbow hair.

Clocking in at thirty-one-and-one-half minutes, the average song length of the 13 track hodge-podge is just under two and a half minutes. The theme of the record is getting things over-with with haste – similar to how the rapper got his prison sentence over and done with rather quickly. The tracks feel like a sprint to the two minute mark to be able to call each track a song. A trio of tracks fail to surpass that bare-minimum mark of 120 seconds.

Despite his lack of appeal, 6ix9ine continually puts up solid numbers. In June, his video for the second single off the album “TROLLZ” feat. Nicki Minaj hit 15 millions Youtube views in just 12 hours. It’s clear 6ix9ine’s persona garners considerable curiosity listenership. Forecasts for his first week sales were deemed too high, with multiple ratings outlets knocking down their projections 100k units after the weekend, it appears the tables are turning and the jig seems to be up for the biggest rat in hip hop.

Feature Photo: (Scumgang Records)