Matt Berninger Wastes No Time With Single “One More Second”

We are a few steps closer to hearing Matt Berninger’s solo show, and we can’t wait! The frontman to Brooklyn-bloomed indie rock band The National is celebrated for his distinct, deep baritone and lyrics that resemble poetry. If you’re new to the band, take a listen — start from their first album and work your way through — as their material is the perfect accent to working from home, walking through the city or cruising down the backroads of your hometown. They are proud Grammy winners (2017’s Sleep Well Beast) and activists, encouraging fans to speak up for what’s right and vote (Check your voter registration here!).

Berninger has ventured from the band prior, collaborating with Phoebe Bridgers, Joy Williams and CHVRCHES. Now, his first solo record, Serpentine Prison, will feature a whole lot of co-writers and collaborations from greats, such as Andrew Bird, Hayden Desser and members of The Walkman and Beirut. Last week, we got to hear the third single, “One More Second,” from the new album, which is due out next month with Book Records and Concord Records.

The song starts with slow, intimate acoustic guitar strings, all while Matt shares a story of a relationship crumbling to pieces. “Give me one more second to dry my eyes,” Berninger sings, “Give me one more day to realize // Smoke’s in our eyes or in the distance // Either way, we’re gonna miss it.” Berninger’s plea for reconciliation, support and trust is astounding and strong. He knows how to articulate our racing thoughts and tough questions with complications in relationships, as all talented musicians do so well.

Fans love Matt’s devotion to the band’s style, as well as his dedication to a solo project. Berninger had hoped that “One More Second” would result in one of those “classic, simple, desperate love songs that sound great in your car.” We think he succeeded, catching us in the feels and packing punches with the beat.”Either way,” he predicts, “we’re gonna miss it when it’s gone.”

Take “one more second” and listen to the track below!

Featured Image: Instagram (@greengloves777)