Of Monsters and Men "Visitor"

Journey Through What It’s Like To Be a Stranger in Your Own Life With Of Monsters and Men’s “Visitor”

Whether you’ve been with Of Monsters and Men from the beginning or are just hopping on board the hype train, you know that singer Nanna knows how to give listeners the chills. The Icelandic group has transitioned in recent years from their beloved indie-folk to more of a pop-rock vibe. However, the sound is really suiting them and shows growth, yet they still bring their own unique sound. “Visitor” is Of Monsters and Men’s first major single since their 2019 album, Fever Dream. The song is about going through change and feeling like a visitor travelling through your past life. Although the song was written before the pandemic, the band notes that the song feels even more relevant now. We couldn’t agree more.


Lyrically, the song is beautiful. It’s simple, yet complex at the same time. Nanna manages to describe almost perfectly that when you’re changing, you feel like a visitor in your own life. It’s scary, but good at the same time — growth drives us forward. Lines like, “My mother said I was always afraid of the dark // But I’m not, I don’t mind // Having a ghost in my bed,” are chilling. Comparing growing out of fears from childhood to changing in adulthood resonates with everyone.

In addition to the incredible lyricism, “Visitor” is an instrumental beauty, too. The crisp drums and guitars blend perfectly with Nanna’s ethereal voice. Although this song brings Of Monsters and Men more into the realm of pop-rock, the sound suits them. Clean guitars, keys and production bring life to the song rather than hold it back. Vocals from guitarist Raggi add harmonic layers to the outro, which only enhances the contrasting light versus dark themes.

Of Monsters and Men are truly bringing energy into 2020. Although this looks to be a standalone single, it should tide us over until we get another album from the “Little Talks” group. A crisp and cinematic song for a strange year. It’s oddly fitting and maybe just what we need. It’s a sign that change needs to happen, even if it feels uncomfortable at first.

Featured Image: Instagram (@ofmonstersandmen)

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