Still Woozy Delivers Delightfully Dreamy “BS” Single

Rising star Sven Gamsky, better known as Still Woozy, has already mastered the art of taking his listeners to a different state of mind. His songs bear a weightlessness that makes them a delight to listen to while also being refreshingly relatable. His latest single, “BS,” is no exception and Woozy continues to prove himself as a noteworthy jack-of-all-trades.

Still Woozy writes, records and produces all of his music, which makes “BS,” a simple song about falling in love, all the more personal. His inner anxieties are present within the lyrics as the newcomer sings, “I got a million voices in my head, hollow // All of them keep telling me to go.” While struggling with his personal demons, Woozy makes an effort to embrace a better version of himself. It’s personal enough to be unique to the artist’s feelings, but ambiguous enough to be relatable.

The airiness of “BS” is offset by its corresponding music video that’s equal parts bizarre and fascinating. The visuals take you into Woozy’s head (literally) as you watch him smash his own brain with a hammer, among other things. Paired with the swirl of soft electronic instruments and smooth vocals, “BS” is an otherworldly experience from start to finish. That quirkiness is what makes Woozy such an interesting artist to watch. “I strive for this feeling of warmth to act as a buffer to some of those harsher feelings,” he says.

As his second single of 2020, “BS” comes hot on the heels of Woozy’s April release, titled “Window,” which also comes with a ridiculous yet endearing music video. His 2018 breakout hit “Goodie Bag” has reached over 120 million streams on Spotify alone, meaning the future is bright for the multi-talented California native. You can watch the official video for “BS” below.

Featured Image: Interscope Records