Lil Tecca and Lil Uzi Vert Link Up for “Dolly”

Upcoming rapper Lil Tecca just released a new album titled Virgo World. On one of the 19 songs, Lil Tecca met up with  Lil Uzi Vert and produced “Dolly.” Lil Tecca hinted at a collab on Instagram when he posted a photo of him and Lil Uzi. Just a few days later, Lil Tecca released the tracklist for his debut album Virgo World which included a song with Lil Uzi and many other rappers. Lil Tecca’s past success with “Ransom” and his mixtape We Love You Tecca jumpstarted his hip-hop career and made him the hottest rapper in late 2019.

“Dolly” was once an unofficial, unreleased song by Lil Uzi Vert. The song was leaked two years ago, so fans were definitely surprised when it showed up on Lil Tecca’s tracklist. Lil Uzi mentioned that the song was named after Young Thug’s sister, Dolly White.

On May 13 Lil Uzi made it public that there was a song with Lil Tecca on Twitter. The rappers then went on to record a music video with videographer, Cole Bennett.

Dolly Music Video

The iconic duo also worked with Bennett to create a music video for their new song. When directing the “Ransom” music video, Bennett made sure to make the music video as weird as possible. In their music video, the rappers are seen on a silver background, surrounded by girls with green hair, making them look like outer-space aliens. Later on, they are dancing along to “Dolly” and busting out their new dance moves. This music video marks the first time that Lil Uzi teamed up with Bennett’s company, Lyrical Lemonade.

Watch the music video and listen to their song down below and let us know what you think!