Local Natives Take Us Away in Dreamy New Track “Statues in the Garden (Arras)”

Which band captures all the vibes we feel? Answer: Local Natives. The alternative group from Los Angeles always makes us feel right at home, with dream-like vocals and stunning sounds. They released “Statues In The Garden (Arras)” over the weekend, their first single following their 2019 album Violet Street.

Prior to the pandemic, they performed “Darks Days,” featuring Amelia Meath of Sylvan Esso, together on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in early March. Since then, they released Violet Street (Remixes) and have resided in their at-home studios, rather than embarking on their tour that they envisioned this year. Perhaps more singles are bound to arise in the coming months?

Local Natives have been promoting light, love, self-discovery and acceptance since they came together in 2005, making their official debut a few years later with the release of Gorilla Manor. They started to attract fans when performing nine shows at the 2009 SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. Some tunes to check out include “Coins,” “Wide Eyes,” “Megaton Mile,” “Cafe Amarillo” and “When Am I Gonna Lose You.”

“Statues In The Garden (Arras)” echoes the hypnotic, psychedelic sound of MGMT and the melancholy melodies within Band of Horses. The track provides a dreamlike state of mind, with enchanting vocals and groovy instrumentals. Taylor Rice and Kelcey Ayer keep us in the loop we’re rolling through with this song about easing back and seeking good energy. The last minute of the track has perhaps some of their best guitar moments yet.

Accompanied with an equally aesthetically pleasing video, the song is a trippy, rhythmic chant that we can’t get out of our heads. The music video’s vibrant colors, eccentric animations (from LA-based artist Jamie K. Wolfe) and concepts of individuality. The “statues” portrayed in the garden represent past figures in history, and “Arras” is a tribute to a city in France, where the song first premiered!

Check it out here, and find the “statues in the garden!”

Featured Image: Loma Vista Recordings