Kellin Quinn Wants to Change the World in Whatever This Is EP

On September 16, Kellin Quinn’s side project, Downer Inc., released the Whatever This Is EP. It includes six tracks, and it mostly centers around the uncertainty of 2020.

Although Sleeping With Sirens‘ 2017 album Gossip was very different from the band’s usual style, Whatever This Is is definitely a new direction for Kellin. Back in June, the singer-songwriter took to twitter to announce that he was working on the EP.

Regarding the process of making the EP, Kellin stated that he reconnected with Cameron Mizell, the producer behind Sleeping With Sirens’ albums With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear and Feel, and they decided to work together again: “I was just like since weโ€™re home, we might as well make some music… So he started sending over some cool electronic sh*t and I got inspired and here we are.”

Overall, the songs in Whatever This Is are a call to take action and try to make the world a better place. In “Ground Zero,” Kellin lets the youth know that they have the power to create change. With lyrics like “Hey, kids, show us what you’re made of // It’s time to stand up and fight, ’cause something isn’t right here,” this song accounts for a great start of the EP.

Similarly, “Generation Z” shines a light on the Coronavirus pandemic, and the singer thinks of the lockdown as an opportunity for us to reflect on our past actions as a society and how those actions led us to where we are now: “This is what we get for trying to play God // You know better than anyone // This is what we get for thinking we are bigger than we are // We are not anyone.” Moreover, this track reflects the isolation and depression some people might be feeling because they are apart from their loved ones: “But what is love if we’re six feet apart… I just need to feel your touch.” Definitely, choosing “Generation Z” as the first single was a wise decision.

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Two highlights of the EP are “Letdown” and “Truth or Dare.” Both songs are very different, but they complement each other. In “Letdown,” Kellin, who is a Christian, asks God to help him because everything that is going on in the world is too much to handle. On top of the pandemic and the future elections, wildfires affected a great part of Kellin’s hometown, Oregon. Therefore, he was feeling as if he could not deal with everything at once. On the other hand, “Truth or Dare” is the perfect transition from “Letdown” because it is a pretty chill song with a positive message that assures us that everything will be okay after all the hardships we face. The lyrics “Just pick yourself back up, you’re gonna be just fine” sound like advice Kellin is giving not only to the listener but also to himself.

Altogether, Whatever This Is brings a different, yet amazing, Kellin Quinn to the spotlight, and we could not be prouder! We wish him vast success with this EP and the Downer Inc. project. If you wish to have a blast, listen to Whatever This Is on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube. You can also watch the lyric video for “Generation Z” below.

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